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R. Kelly, what is your religion?

I hate this music industry. I don't even listen to music anymore, because most mainstream artists have ties to the Illuminati, a devil worshipping sect, that uses music and media to influence young minds. A lot of surprisingly factual information is on youtube and google (go figure) I don't understand how anyone with any intelligence could actually worship the devil, and it makes me sick to my stomach that I actually enjoyed this "music." But I was so happy that I didn't find anything on R. Kelly. Until now. Some said his 'Number One' video with Keri Hilson has the pyramid (Illuminati sign) and I dismissed that as the director's influence. And the album design for 'Double Up' is definitely satanic- the red wall paper with the horned figures, made me upset, but I noted on 'Untitled' that's all gone, so I thought maybe the art director for 'Double Up' was purposefully replaced. But the lyrics for songs like Sex Planet, Fallin from the Sky and Butterfly make me CRINGE. I hope and pray to the one true God that Kells' hands are clean. Besides DMX, no other mainstream artists perform religious music, like 'You Saved Me.' I pray that Kells is keeping his true religion and remaining faithful to the one and only true God who can deliver us from all evil, who loves us and protects us and will lead us to ever lasting life, not destruction like satan and his bulls***...


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Re: R. Kelly, what is your religion?

Am so realeved!!!. Thanks to JESUS!!!

Re: R. Kelly, what is your religion?

I just pray after this evil world we all make Heaven where JESUS CHRIST Lives...I am a big fan of yours and actually my best song ever that I still listen to is "THE STORM IS OVER" ONLY the HOLY SPIRIT can inspire someone to write that song...There's just anointing of the Holy Spirit in that song .Yes.. Kels, I know we are not perfect , but I will not judge or condemn anyone because, John 8:2-11 KJV - "And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more." I am a Big sinner my self but, I am under the grace ..meaning mercy and grace on duty but, it doesn't mean I should go back to my sins..All I always ask for is Mercy and Grace...I am praying for you ....I actually saw that sign in the video of you and keri on TV when I changed channel from a christian channel to a music channel briefly but , till the moment I am writing this I have not listened to the song or seen the full song, even some so called pastor gives that evil piramid sign..I just feel you should do more inspirational songs to inspire young guyz and people round the world to grow , be peaceful (even though the prophecy of Christ must come to past ) we can't fold our arms and let a lot of things go wrong ....Please, If I am permitted make loads of songs of inspiration , wisdom, love not sex.. Expand the Kingdom of God (JESUS CHRIST) not satan or devil... I wrote JESUS CHRIST in that bracket because ,"some people call satan god with a big g"...May Christ Jesus Protect you from all evil.It shall be well with your soul..It's up to you sir to make heaven. God bless.. From Nigeria

Re: R. Kelly, what is your religion?

are you in illuminati ?

Re: R. Kelly, what is your religion?

check out this youtube clip of Robert receiving prayer