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Nov. 9 1993

12 Play

  • Your Body's Callin'
  • Bump N' Grind (LP Version)
  • Homie Lover Friend
  • It Seems Like You're Ready
  • Freak Dat Body
  • I Like The Crotch On You
  • Summer Bunnies
  • For You
  • Back To The Hood Of Things
  • Sadie
  • Sex Me (Part I) / Sex Me (Part II)
  • Untitled Song


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Re: 12 Play

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R.Kelly: 12 Play

This album is a classic. There isn't anything like Kellz here. The way he lusciously blends R&B and Hip-Hop is just stunning as no one else can compare.

Tha Shiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!

12 Play STILL gets much play in tha ride, & crib! "Summer Bunnies drive me crazy" LOL
His voice is hypnotic on #s 1, 4 &11.... they are straight up panty droppers Smiling
Can't forget "Bump N' Grind (Old School mix)" & "Homie Lover Friend Remix", ...whaaaaaat!!!

Nothin beats the 12 Play

This album goes hard! With Bump N Grind, Your Bodys Callin, man, this is the album to play when bringing over a lady! HOLLA!