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Feb. 18 2003

Chocolate Factory

  • Chocolate Factory
  • Step In The Name Of Love (LP Version)
  • Heart Of A Woman
  • I'll Never Leave
  • Been Around The World
  • You Made Me Love You
  • Forever
  • Dream Girl
  • Ignition
  • Ignition (Remix)
  • Forever More
  • You Knock Me Out
  • Step In The Name Of Love (Remix) (Remix)
  • Imagine That
  • Showdown
  • Snake (Album Version)
  • Who's That (Edited)


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Re: Chocolate Factory

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Re: Chocolate Factory

The best Kellz albums to sing to

Re: Chocolate Factory


Re: Chocolate Factory

this album is amazing !!!! my favourite track is 'dreamgirl' as i love the lyircs Smiling x

Re: Chocolate Factory

liked this cd. but i think in my opinion is my least favorite cd's but don't get me wrong I love all his music.
is best songz on this- "Chocolate factory" Step in the name of Love remix" man that song swear it all ways gets me so frickin happy, "Heart of a women" vocals in that wonderful and great meaning.
"Dream girl" is got to be my fav, I get chills ever time I hear it. "Who is That" that spanish beat is so fly. And can't forget about "snake"

Re: Chocolate Factory

stepping in the name of love-re-mix the bad est track ever! I am a famous drummer I know!!!

Re: Chocolate Factory

Chocolate factory was one of the most irrigavating albums that kells ever made and my favorite song off of this album is forever. Because i bbeleive this will be my wedding song and when i walk down the aisle r.kelly will be there with me.

R. Kelly: Chocolate Factory

This album sold 2.87 million copies! Gotta love it. There's something on here for everyone. I absolutely adore the guitar solo in "Imagine That" and the sexually explicit lyrics of "Ignition". "Ignition (Remix)" is definitely a song to party to while "Snake" takes the cake for sexual AND up-tempo. Not to mention that "Step in the Name of Love" gives the world something to dance to!

step in the name of love