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May. 29 2007

Double Up

  • The Champ (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Double Up (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Tryin' To Get A Number (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Get Dirty (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Leave Your Name (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Freaky In The Club (Main Version - Clean)
  • The Zoo (Main Version - Explicit)
  • I'm A Flirt Remix (Clean Radio Version)
  • Same Girl (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Real Talk (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Hook It Up (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Rock Star (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Best Friend (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Rollin' (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Sweet Tooth (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Havin' A Baby (Main Version - Clean)
  • Sex Planet (Main Version - Explicit)
  • Rise Up (Main Version - Clean R. KELLY INTRO)
  • Ringtone (Main Version - Explicit)


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Re: Double Up [Explicit]

first album i got of r kellys n it made me fall in love with him and his music. my favourite tracks are 'freaky in the club' and 'rise up', both amazing classic tunes which mean a lot. x

Re: Double Up [Explicit]

this cd this one of the greatest. Not one song that I dont like. I love em all

Re: Double Up [Explicit]


Re: Double Up

This cd is the bomb yo like fo real. Double up just proves that he can do hip hop jus s good as he can do RnB. Me and my lil bro I LOVEEE THIs CD!!!! I got to say that I love all the songz on this cd. But my favs are "leave your name' "Ringtone" double up" Sweet Tooth" Rise up" Im a Flirt" and Tryna get a number"

Oh ya Kellz forget the haterz man!!!! the just mad cause you the king of RnB


R. Kelly is in my top 3 favourite people in music with Michael Jackson and The Game. This is because he has versitility. He is the best soul/gospel singer. He is the best R&B singer. And he is the best playa in the industry. And he struggled through the trial and the haters and alll that and came out with Untiltled and it is just and unbelievable album.


R. Kelly: Double Up

I love this album! My favorite song here is "Sex Planet". Then comes "Sweet Tooth," and then "Leave Your Name" or "The Zoo". Everyone song on here is a hit, and there's too much to get into. One of my past friends loved the song "Freaky in the Club" and thought R. Kelly looked mint in the video for "I'm a Flirt (Remix) (ft. T.I. & T-Pain). "Same Girl (ft. Usher)" definitely sparked a revolution in the way that people viewed R. Kelly's songwriting abilities and wit. "I Like Love" is a tune to zone out to, while "Rise Up" is something you can see you or your child(ren) singing at your or their next graduation. "Real Talk" is keeping it real and tells a tale that one can only laugh at the brilliance of, and enjoy. "Rock Star (ft. Ludacris & Kid Rock)" showed us a side of Kells that I think he should get deeper into, and that side is rock music. He has the voice for any genre, and the song pleased the ears of many rock 'n' roll listeners. "Rollin'" is a song that will make one feel like that person! "Best Friend (ft. Keyshia Cole & Polow Da Don)" is a "Trapped in the Closet" style tale of a man's point of view in which his best friend is having sex with his significant other while he is in jail. "Double Up" is what this album is all about. There's so much more to mention, but this is a quick review of my overall opinion of the album- five stars for being so well put together by the R&B King forever.

j'adore cette albume

cette album fait party de mes préféré parceque r-kelly a amaner un nouveau style de music r'n'b et c pour sa que a mes yeux c le roi de r'n'b


I love all his albums. But R.Kelly needs to bring a new album out, very soon.

A True Fan of the Pied Piper

Yes, he's here. The pied piper has created more fire than anyone alive. But, we do need the pied piper to get back to what he knows, which is the love makin music like in the past. Even those songs that just make u feel good, like steppin in the name of love and happy people. We need the old pied piper back. But, if this new pied piper has to stay, then i guess we can live with him being the way he is.

Double Up!

Been a fan since 91 listening to Slow Dance on GCI, sittin in a 'Lac (I think it was summer)and aint stopped since. Probably got more songs solo and featuring than anybody other than you. The ONLY artist that can occupy all 6 cd disc in my car. CHI-TOWN! Double Up was tight....Good Sex, Same Girl, Tryna Get Her Number, Flirt Remix Ringtone, Pull Ya Hair, Leave Your Name, and of course The Zoo, was my fav's