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Love Letter - The Documentary (Part 1 of 3)

In part 1 of a 3-part documentary, Kells speaks in depth about the concept of the album, and what inspired him to create the record's classic sound!


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Re: Love Letter - The Documentary (Part 1 of 3)

May God always bless and protect you Robert Kelly. You are a truly gifted person. Love Letter is some damn good singing . I feel you love...I LOVE YOU and will always be here for you...I am an R.Kelly fan, for real..

Re: Love Letter - The Documentary (Part 1 of 3)

I love being the art of being compared to music. I am amazed at your vision and love for music,life and women. The way you are able to make the connection between all three can be viewed as a trinity of divine completion in your life experiences. FOR YOU to be capable of bringing forth this type of music from different time eras and make this generation understand, know and appreciate true music, talent and creativity, Not a work that is studio generated or embellished. I love you for what you are doing and for what you are giving people. You are giving your inner being something of sustenance, support, hope in love, hope for life, in addition to teaching us how to take risk in love and life. I love you for your creativity, spirit, and your example. As I come to a conclusion and head to the EXIT I must say that you make us HAPPY PEOPLE, when you give us REAL TALK through your music. I read your LOVE LETTER, YOU KNOCK ME OUT, YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU, FOREVER, I'LL NEVER LEAVE, this is from the HEART OF A WOMAN. So can we GET UP ON A ROOM, I want to GO LOW, giving you a WHOLE LOTTA KISSES can you IMAGINE THAT we'll be BANGIN THE HEADBOARD, BUMP AND GRIND, and SEX ME until I ECHO...You remained true and THE STORM IS OVER NOW. I will continue to be DEDICATED, you are truly THE WORLD'S GREATEST and no fan can love you LIKE I DO, this is NUMBER ONE.

Re: Love Letter - The Documentary (Part 1 of 3)

When does the tour start? I can't wait! I haven't seen R. Kelly Live in 15 years.

Re: Love Letter - The Documentary (Part 1 of 3)

I was pleased to see this video. I to get asked what do I love about R. Kelly? And why I love him "LIKE I DO". I will say it over and over again. He is a musical genius, he has one of the most creative minds since Prince, Nobody can use words and make them do whatever he wants them to do the way my daddy, I mean Robert does. If you listen to the words he spoke in this video, people would never have to ask why I love him the way I do. I respect him, his music, and his brain.

I'm truely proud to be his "NUMBER ONE" and will shout it from the roof top so the world can here my "ECHO"!!!!! When I come down from the roof, I love to give him a "WHOLE LOT OF KISSES". "IMAGINE THAT"!!!

Love you Mr. Kelly and I couldn't be more proud of your accomplishments. See I got that word play too. LOL

La-La Taylor

Re: Love Letter - The Documentary (Part 1 of 3)

What more can i say about Robert Sylvester Kelly he is truely an inspiration i admire his talent his God giving ability to bring me up when im down to inspire me to do better his way of opening up on a letter to the world and through his falls and battles in life to come back and bring out great music not good music GREAT MUSIC! This man makes GREAT ALBUMS not just good singles there are few and far between artist who can make GREAT ALBUMS! And Kelly is one of them to be in the game 20+ years and still be able to blow new artist out the water shows his talent this man gave his all on this album and you can rest asure that i will be buying this album Dec 14 2010 this tuesday because i appreciate great music not just because he is my fav artist but because he is a great performer, artist, writer, producer, and singer what more can you ask for this man has done Gospel, R&B, Soul, And Pop he is a truely gifted man and i respect Robert and i could careless what anyone has to say people often ask me are you a promoter do you work for R. Kelly and i say no i simply RESPECT this man and he brings happiness into my life and i thank GOD for his talent to make me feel better whenim going through bad times and happy times thank you Robert Kelly and i wll always make sure to show love and get people to buy your albums wether you sell 1 album or a million your legacy and history in stone has already been set you have 13 paltinum albums and man number 1 singles not many can say that and i can truely say you are and for ever will be "THE KING OF R&B"

Re: Love Letter - The Documentary (Part 1 of 3)

awesome getting 2 copies of love letter