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R. Kelly’s Singersroom Review

“There’s no denying how influential R. Kelly is to the culture of R&B music.” Read more of R. Kelly’s <strong><a href="http://bit.ly/QHkCvB" target="_blank">Singersroom</strong></a> review of his NYC performance and more <strong><a href="http://bit.ly/QHkCvB" target="_blank">here</strong></a>.


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Re: R. Kelly’s Singersroom Review

R. kelly you are truely the man, but big shout out to pop's and the engineer, crew along with donnie, it was a pleasure meeting all of you... Kelly waiting outside after the concert ended for two hours was no joke, but I always pay homeage, to you... But you really on some bulls***, with that "hey guys, no pictures s***... If you took time too eat some bulls*** food off a nyc cart you could have pose for a few pix, I don't like the new man that you have become.... Check ya f***ing ego at the door.. Famous words of Quincy Jones, when he produced We are the world. You have become real stuck up, and quite rude u too old for that s***, you from the streets of chicago the L train, and you acting like a godess b****. You ain't sitting on no thrown... Its just a dream no reality in that show biz s***.

Re: R. Kelly’s Singersroom Review

My name is Paul from South Africa in Soshanguve, and I greatly admire your God given talent, how you write and arrange music. There was once a point in life when I thought life is meaningless and hopeless but everytime I listened to this song you wrote, "the world greatest", I used to fell relevent and empowered. Almost ten years without a job, but today through the help of God I am still rising and trying to fight a good fight in the ring of life. I just published my book (though not with a hard copy) but through online, and the title of book is called- "Restoring the Broken Altars, from the ashes we rise. Though it is not edited because of financial constraints but it is a good book with a positive message.

And I God because the lyrics in your song made a positive change in my life!!!!!

Re: R. Kelly’s Singersroom Review

R.Kelly, thank you so much for coming to Richmond, Va. I loved your show. You did a great job. I also wanted to thank you for not getting upset with me for grabbing and holding your legs at the show and even touching your toes through your shows. I am the touchy feeling type.. I finally got a chance to touch and see you close up. I am speechless for words, I love you so much. I just love you and your music. Good luck on doing a great job with Trapped in the Closet. Your going to blow up and make it so big in the Industry. You deserved it. Broadway is the place to be. Be successful and be happy.You never seem to amazed me. I am a so happy for you. I have been a true fan of your since 1992. Your first song is Vibes. That is when I fell in love with you. 20 years is long time to be single and happy. A Big shout out to you Kelly.

Re: R. Kelly’s Singersroom Review

Madison Square Garden that's the place everyone dream of showcasing their talent. I glad you gave them everything you had in your heart. You must have a quite a rush, since you past the butterflies, fans screaming you name is a great feeling. Well, you are talented and gifted Broadway that's amazing. I will make sure a make a trip to New York to see it. I hope you have the same success as the Broadway show Cats. People talked about that for years. Hats off, now take a bow, the King is here!!!!!!!!! Never cease to amaze the world. Congratulations Robert Sylvester! Anumaptra