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R Kelly's "Untitled" Release Date + Album Cover

R Kelly’s tenth studio album, Untitled with the singles “Religious” and “Number One”, will be in stores December 1st. The album is destined to be another Kells classic, with contributions from producers Infinity, Lil Ronnie and Chris Henderson. He also broke out of Chi-Town (a rare move) and recorded some of the album in Atlanta.

Get ready for December 1st, and in the meantime get your tickets to hear him do new tracks off “Untitled” on the “Ladies Make Some Noise” Tour.

R Kelly's 'Untitled' Album Cover


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Blow up

Hmn r kelly is the only artiste that can sell great number of cd without public stunt and buzz, boy that cd got to be a bomb. Yea nuclear bomb.

Blow up

Hmn r kelly is the only artiste that can sell great number of cd without public stunt and buzz, boy that cd got to be a bomb. Yea nuclear bomb.

Is R.KELLY's album going to be A CLASSIC?

Untitled is going to be crazy with dope music...It Drops Dec.1
Go GET 2 copies thats how much of a CLASSIC its going to be!

Nov 7 Show

I seen your concert in Oakland @ The Paramount and you put it DOWN!!! I lost my mother 2 years ago and she loved Sam Cooke! Me and my siblings know all his songs, I wish I could of came up on stage to sing BRING IT ON HOME with you! The tribute to Michael Jackson was soooo cool, even the King Of POP knows who the KING Of R&B is!!! You are such a blessing to have in this entertainment game, don't ever stop doing what you do!!!! KELLS is #1 and you are Hella SEXY with your new look! Well you look good anyway braids,fade, whatever you look GOOD!!!!The new album cover is Beautiful!!


R.Kelly's Album is going to crazy insane ! Im picking up 2 copies forsure!!!
check more of R.kelly's music out!


everyday when I look at at your briefs it put a :] (SMILE) on my face.I Luv u may God continue to bless and keep you


you are the best
of the best no one can tell me different
my nickname is kells
you are the best have to keep saying it because no one i'm serious no one can touch the music you have one you are my number one

Ladies Make Some Noise Tour

I went to the show in Memphis and boy did Kells do his thang!!!! i enjoyed it so much i am going to buy another ticket to the Dec 2 show. I luv u kells!!!!

the ladies scream tour

I love R. Kelly I have made a baby off of his songs but I think I will stick to his cd's both of his concerts were teasers it's like he take you there but never over the hump.I have seen him in concert with Salt and Pepa and he stole the show ,now he does a little and off stage he goes.He didn't even perform Sadie. I would like for him to sing all the old songs that made him, there are middle age to old people at his concerts and that's what they what to hear don't just sample the songs and move on, men are trying to get lucky that night,this was the last $75.00 from me ,sorry Kels.I want to see some bumpin' and grindin' on the stage, the concert started @ 8:00p we were back in our truck@10:48p ,come on now! I went to a family fun day event in the park in Houston,Tx paid $15.00 for the tickets and got a better show from performers like Envogue, New Boyz,etc and it started @ 12:00 noon and I left @8:30p and it was still going on when I left. So next time give me a show so I can at least have a good reason to call in sick for work the next day! Still your #1 fan!!

Concert In Houston

The show was GREAT! Once again you did the damn thing.I had so much fun.I hate that I was not able to get a pic with you but I did get to touch you.And by the way THANKS for the underwear I am having the framed this morning.DOnt be a stranger cum back to houston soon!!!!!!!!!!