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Trapped In The Closet Chapter 23 Coming Soon

Who’s excited for the newest chapter of Trapped In The Closet? Check out this sneak peek premiere:

Make sure you Shazam the premiere of Trapped In The Closet – Chapter 23 this Friday at 9PM EST on the IFC for additional Trapped In The Closet content!


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Re: Trapped In The Closet Chapter 23 Coming Soon

You always have me on the edge of my set, I loved it. Not only are you creative with the chapters of trapped in the closet but with everything that you do! Im wondering whats up with Chuck! I know you gonna turn the tables some kind of way so its unexpected. By your side 1000% and encourage you in every way possible to keep doing the damn thing! Love ya talent! Stay blessed! Love you Antoinette <3
p.s. watching it again now lol

Re: Trapped In The Closet Chapter 23 Coming Soon

I cant wait to see what's going to unfold on the screen. We will be amazed by you. The anticipation of what's next has us spellbound just waiting, waiting to hear that voice again. Now really, dear where's Chuck??? Hahaha, we have to wait a few more days to find out. Happy holiday to you. Please do work hard! We will be intrigued to learn all about the rest of the chapters. Luv ya Anumaptra