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Visit The All-New R Kelly Music Store Now

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Are you missing any Kells from your collection? If so, hit up the brand-new R. Kelly Music Store, where you can buy all of his albums directly from the man himself, and if you are looking for specific tracks you can buy digital downloads as well. Visit the R. Kelly store now.


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Trapped in the closet

Can anyone please tell me whats happening with trapped in the closet im dying waiting for the next installment 22 chapters is no where near enough Kels need to hurry up and finnish next installment so we all can buy it and enjoy the next installments hope dont have to wait too long for it and if any1 can let me know when it would come out it will be the highlight of my life cheers

Re: Visit The All-New R Kelly Music Store Now

THE OFFICIAL FIFA WORLD CUP ALBUM HITS STORES 6/1!!!!! And R. Kelly and the Soweto Spiritual Singers have a song exclusively for the event and will be performing it for the opening ceremonies!!!!CHECK IT OUT EXCLUSIVELY HERE>>>

Re: Visit The All-New R Kelly Music Store Now

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