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Watch R. Kelly’s Arsenio Hall Performance

Kellz tore up the stage with his Arsenio Hall performance last night! Watch his interviews and live performances below and pre-order Black Panties today.


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Re: Watch R. Kelly’s Arsenio Hall Performance

I got you Kellz. You are the best artist in the world to me. I would have to say I'm your biggest fan. I have been with you from the first album you ever made(R. Kelly and the Public Announcement). I'm so glad that God blessed you threw your surgeries, and let your voice ring high though it all. I will never stop being a fan, and your song Shut Up is so true. I'm just waiting on the finished product of Trapped in Closet. Just keep on working Kellz. Love you forever kikilovekellz!

Re: Watch R. Kelly’s Arsenio Hall Performance

amazing 45

This is the only time I've watched Arsenio and baby you were hot. To get to have you share for that amount of time was serene and very pleasurable. Just looking at your lips is enough to drive a woman completely insane. You are the Phenomenon Man, that's all I can say.

Re: Watch R. Kelly’s Arsenio Hall Performance

I cought you boy, on the show with your gold diamonds in your ears. You know how to bling bling, when your on the veiw of america. I have always aproved of your shyness when you are put on the spot. To randomly sing a song about a lady's breakfast is so brillant! Your smile is so bright and breautiful I just love it. I can't help it you are a beautiful Afican American man who represents it well. Love Always Z.W.